The avast antivirus 2014

The most free and free antivirus for pc. Now it is also for android mobile. If you search on Google it will be show me many antiviruses for trojen horse remover. The site is softonic. This site has the latest trojen horse antivirus for free. Antivirus was avast 2014 latest.  
You want to know, how can install it?
     First download avast 2014 latest on softonic, size 86 MB
     When download was complete, then open it.
     There was show 2 option for install
       Express install/ custom install.
     If you want to free, then I say you choose custom install.
      Now select you accept the trams and condition.
     After few time it will be install.
     Then restart your computer.
   Remember one think this antivirus need to update every time. So you have to connection internet on your pc.
This antivirus window looks like difficult. Now how can you scan your computer?
      When you open this antivirus, then you see much option.
      Click Scan
      Now go scan option, it was up to right.
      There were five options. If you want to scan your computer full system, then select it.
      Now click start.

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