Computer virus fairytale

A harmful virus. So the human body is not a virus and computer viruses. The computer virus is a computer virus that damages the body of the human body is affected. Computer virus is a virus, it is a program. Which affects the ability to function as effective programera, burst destroys files, floppy disks, increases in harmful, even to a different record in the Computer Hardware ksatisadhane unrivaled role bighata causes.
Purnarupa kampitarera the context of the virus, "Information Resources Under sija vital" to seize the important sources. Renowned researcher states "Frederick Cohen" was named the first virus. Other causes for the system to study the virus was a virus release, which can walk much faster than assumptions.
The virus is mainly caused by some mistakes while writing the program. Another program which is able to cause destruction. Many software companies that made ​​piracy prevention virus. Piracy occurs when the virus spread. Some free software is used to run the virus. Which are salpabhogi, such as: path, Md. The virus has already gained much popularity.

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