The history for fashions Inaugural Ball and outfit history

One reality quite often misconstrued about First Ladies andthe outfits they wear to the Inaugural Ball is that this occasion has not been ceaselessly held before 1949. From George Washington initiation as the first President in 1789 until Franklin D.
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 Roosevelt's fourth and last one in 1945 just 14 First Ladies went to Inaugural Balls (and along these lines, wore outfits): Dolley Madison, Elizabeth Monroe, Louisa Adams, Sarah Polk, Harriet Lane (niece and First Lady of the main lone ranger President), Mary Lincoln, Julia Grant, Lucy Hayes, Lucretia Garfield, Frances Cleveland, Caroline Harrison, Ida McKinley, Edith Roosevelt and Nellie Taft. This was a direct result of one of a few potential elements: wives who did not live to see their spouses introduced as Presidents, wives who picked not to go to the Inaugural Ball or wives whose spouses did not need a Ball to be held.

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It is just since 1949, with the Inauguration of Harry Truman that the custom has remained a reliable one thus 11 diverse First Ladies have had Inaugural outfits (6 of them had two outfits each for their spouses' two introductions - Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama). Obviously, Betty Ford never wore one since her spouse got to be President upon the sudden abdication of Richard Nixon in 1974. Despite the fact that Bess Truman and LadyBird Johnson did wear one each after their spouse's race to their own particular terms and along these lines Inaugurations as President, they didn't, obviously, when first turned out to be First Ladies upon the demise of President Franklin Roosevelt in 1945 and death of President Kennedy in 1963, individually. 

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