How to install TV tuner card in pc
We are regular computer user. We also like to watch TV for entertainments. But some time we cannot watch TV for our regular work. That’s why we miss our favorite cricket matches and football matches. If you want then you can set TV tuner card in your computer. So how you install internal TV tuner card in your computer? This is really simple. At first buy a TV tuner card. Open the casing metal soled. After that install the TV tuner card in the PCI soled. Now you attach the network cable in the TV card. When the install will be finished then start computer. When windows open that time you cannot watch TV. But don’t worry it has one step more. If it is not done than you never watch TV. This is driver. When you install driver than TV tuner card will be working. When you buy TV tuner card that time you also get the TV tuner driver installer. So install the TV tuner driver. After finished driver install then restart your computer. Now enjoy your computer TV.

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